New charity candle ‘Hope’ in partnership with Sentebale

Tussie Mussie are delighted to be working in partnership with Sentebale to create our new candle Hope. A bespoke blend of woody cypress, fresh eucalyptus and uplifting grapefruit. Cypress represents sorrow, eucalyptus heals the soul and together with grapefruit they combine to bring warmth and a heartening message of hope.

Tussie Mussie will donate £10 from every sale of this Hope Candle to the charity Sentebale. Founded by Prince Harry and Prince Seeiso, Sentebale gives hope to children and young people living with HIV in Lesotho and Botswana, supporting their mental health and wellbeing so they can live long, happy, healthy lives.


Evening Standard Homes & Property best summer homes fragrances

We are thrilled to be included in the Evening Standard Homes and Property best summer home fragrances feature.  Love Story, our signature fragrance with it’s romantic summery notes of rose geranium, myrtle and grapefruit has been included in a selection of home fragrances of best candles and diffusers.  According to the ES H&P it is ideal for the balmy summer days and longer evenings.  You can view the full article here

Tussie Mussie partners with Redemption

We are thrilled to work with Redemption to create Namaste Indoors. A unique, fragrant and  natural candle that creates a fresh clean fragrance in your home.  

On sale now in their Notting Hill and Shoreditch restaurants.  Now you can shop fragrance while you eat nutritious and healthy dishes.  Go on spoil yourself! 

You can find their London restaurants on Chepstow Road in Notting Hill and Old Street in Shoreditch.

Why we are so in love with myrtle

Myrtle, or Myrtus Communis, is an evergreen tree that bursts into life with white flowers all across the Mediterranean. Its roots stem back to Ancient Greek mythology where Hippocrates regularly wrote about it. It was considered to be sacred to the Greek gods and especially to Aphrodite, the goddess of love, beauty and pleasure.

In the secret language of flowers, myrtle represents happy love, passion and says ‘be my love’. Imagine receiving myrtle, nestled in a tussie mussie from your loved one back in Victorian days, it must surely have sent many hearts a flutter. Gifting myrtle was virtually laying your heart at your loved one’s feet and hoping she smelled the fragrant bouquet. Indeed brides regularly either wore myrtle in their hair or in their tussie mussie on their wedding day in celebration of their love.

Myrtle is richly aromatic in both the leaf and the flower. When you breathe in it’s fragrance as an essential oil you are instantly transported to woody, magical places where there is the whiff of the ocean in the air through the tress. Its freshness and of course its meaning is why we absolutely had to include it in our signature home fragrance Love Story.

Look after your candles for a better burn

Tussie Mussie candle careThe first burn is the most important. Why? Well a perfect burn the first time should prevent tunneling. Always ensure the melted candle wax reaches the edge of the glass the first time you burn the candle.  By keeping your candles away from drafts while they are burning will help to ensure a more even burn.

Have a pair of super sharp scissors on hand to keep the wick trimmed to about 1cm.  By removing the excess wick your wax will stay cleaner and keep the integrity of the fragrance.  When your candle isn’t in use, replace the silver Tussie Mussie lid to keep out dust and dirt and the wax clean.

Tussie Mussie launches at The Bridal Boutique in Fulham

© Claire Graham
© Claire Graham

We are delighted to be one of the new suppliers at the stunning new bridal Boutique in Fulham, London.

From premium hair and makeup services to luxurious accessories, The Boutique will showcase the finest wedding products designed by independent British suppliers.

While enjoying having a wedding day make over, brides can experience Tussie Mussie candle fragrances in the Boutique including Love Story, Glad Tidings, Wedded Bliss and Keepsake.  Using fragrance at your wedding, from a special perfume to burning fragrant candles is a great way to create long lasting romantic memories of your big day.

Along side make up artist Tori Harris, and accessories designer Victoria Millésime, are some amazing suppliers including the wonderfully creative designer  Georgie St Clair and the gorgeous and talented The Custom Cake Boutique.

If you are a bride looking for some wonderful inspiration head down to the Boutique which is now open and where soon you can also host a hen party with friends and enjoy some afternoon tea and creative workshops.

Tussie Mussie at The Bridal Boutique

A bespoke candle for a Cotswold Wedding

We were delighted to be asked to create a bespoke candle for a Cotswold Wedding.  We selected oils from the lavender farm that the happy couple visited when they first met and used this to make the candles that were then given to all guests at the wedding.  Combined with a special Tussie Mussie poem and lavender ribbon, we were really delighted with the romantic results!  We wish the Bride and Groom much happiness for the fCotswold Weddinguture.

Bluebell Woods

Bluebell wood

When the sun is out at this time of year in England, there is nothing more magical than a walk through a bluebell wood. When the flowers are out in full bloom it is like nature has laid a new spring carpet of a mystical blue haze. No wonder they are often associated with fairy folklore.  In years gone by it used to be considered unlucky to walk among bluebells at dusk for the bluebells were considered to contain spells.

In the secret language of flowers, bluebells have wonderful meanings for couples: ‘you have put a spell on me’,  ‘my love is eternal’ and ‘everlasting love.  But they also represent gratitude, delicacy and kindness.



Lavender green, dilly, dilly. Lavender blue


Tussie Mussie Lavender Field

Nothing beats a stroll through a beautiful, fragrant lavender field. Perhaps it is because it’s a scent much associated with our grandmothers that it brings us such comfort. In the language of flowers, lavender has many meanings, but devotion and compassion are among the most well known.

Lavender fields are at their best in June and July so make sure you make time for a visit each year. You will leave these majestic fields with a feeling of such joy at being surrounded by the vibrant lilac, busy bees and the sense of calm that it brings. Definitely good for the soul.

Lavender has been used through the ages for lots of different reasons. Lavender’s Latin name was taken from lavare which means to wash. And women used to dry their laundry over lavender bushes to fragrance the household linens.

Our Tussie Mussie Keepsake candle contains lavender among other essential oils, including rosemary and bergamot. It delivers a wonderful breath of fresh, clean air in your home and makes a wonderful gift for a treasured friend.

Mum’s are amazing. Don’t forget to treat her this Sunday with a Tussie Mussie Blossom candle.

Mum’s are amazing.  Don’t forget to treat her this Sunday with a beautiful candle from Tussie Mussie.  Our new spring range includes Blossom – a floral blend of fragrant geranium, lavender, ylang ylang and palmarosa.  Think of a sweet fragrance on a spring breeze.  Geranium’s sweet notes bring optimism and cheer. Lavender’s compassionate heart whispers “I cherish thee”. Together with ylang ylang and palmarosa creating a fragrant unity of devotion.
We promise she will love it!