Our Story

What inspired you to set up Tussie Mussie?

Lots of people ask me this question. I set up Tussie Mussie because I love fragrance. I have worn fragrance nearly every day since I was about 14 years old and am never without a bottle of perfume in my handbag. I then became a little bit obsessed with luxury candles and remember buying my first Diptique candle from Liberty when I was in my twenties, it was their Gardenia scent and it was amazing.

Creating your own business has lots of ups and downs but I am grateful to be able to develop my company while also be around to care for my children. It is something I really wanted when I worked in the corporate world but could never attain. Work/ family life balance really is the holy grail of parenting.

Why Tussie Mussie ?

I stumbled across the name in a book I bought at the Chelsea Physic Garden shop – I remember saying the name out loud a few times when I got home and just fell in love with it.

What is your first scent memory?

Green conifers. In the garden where I grew up my brothers and sister and I would run among the conifers and make camps in them. Even now I can’t walk past a conifer without surreptitiously picking a handful and having a good sniff.

What are your favourite scent smells in the world?

I adore white florals, especially jasmine and gardenia. They are definitely top of my list. Diptique’s Eau Moheli. I love the ylang ylang, to me it’s like heaven in a bottle.

The smell of the sea as it’s so cleansing. I feel most at home when I am beside the sea and I enjoy being there whatever the weather.

Wet grass in the early dawn, when you can really enjoy the smell of nature at the beginning of the day. Everything smells new.

Basil, it’s the raw leafy smell, it really gets me.

What was the first fragrance you bought for yourself?

Eau D’Issey by Issey Miyake. I thought this perfume was inspired and it reminds me of being 21 again. It was also the year I met my husband, so carries a real sense of memory and romantic nostalgia for me.

Who are your biggest supporters?

My husband has been amazing while I have been busy dreaming up Tussie Mussie. Also my daughter Elle, she wants to know everything about scent, so I absolutely had to create a fragrance in her name. My sister Sam, who is my Creative Director, has also been a total super star and I absolutely couldn’t have got this far without her.  My parents have been incredibly encouraging and have turned out to be huge candle lovers too.

Do you have a business philosophy?

I think to be successful you have to make your vocation a vacation. Because this is your life, you should enjoy it and work shouldn’t feel like a chore.