Tussies Mussies

The Victorians loved to make gifts of posies of flowers and herbs, which they gathered together and tied by hand and they called them Tussie Mussies. However the posies contained secrets, they weren’t picked with wild abandon they were chosen with care to convey hidden messages to the recipient.

Flowers and herbs have a secret language. The most commonly known meanings are that rose represents love, rosemary is for remembrance, orange blossom celebrated marriage.

Tussie Mussie candles and fragrances are designed with the spirit of these posies in mind. Harnessing the power of beautiful flowers and herbs but also conveying the secrets of the botanicals. A fragrant language with out words.

Victorian poets loved to write about the secret language of flowers, and James Gates Percival’s ‘The Language of Flowers’ is perhaps the most beautiful.


Floral dictionary

In Eastern lands they talk in flowers,
And they tell in a garland their loves and cares;
Each blossom that blooms in their garden bowers,
On it’s leave a mystic language bears.

The rose is the sign of joy and love,
Young blushing love in its earliest dawn;
And the mildness that suits the gentle dove,
From the myrtle’s snowy flower is drawn.

Innocence shines in the lily’s bell,
Pure as a heart in its native heaven;
Fame’s bright star and glory’s swell,
By the glossy leaf of the bay are given.

The silent soft, humble heart
In the violet’s hidden sweetness breathes;
And the tender soul that cannot part,
A twine of evergreen fondly wreathes.

The cypress that darkly shades the grave,
Is sorrow that mourns its bitter lot;
And faith that a thousand ills can brave,
Speaks in they blue leaves, Forget-me-not.

Then gather a wreath from the garden bowers
And tell the wish of they heart in flowers.