The House of St Barnabas

Tussie Mussie House of Barnabas Candle

Tussie Mussie London are thrilled to be working with the House of St Barnabas creating a special blend for a unique charity in the heart of Soho.

“The House” is a fragrant and uplifting blend of geranium, grapefruit, bergamot, frankincense and juniper berry. Geranium’s sweet heart is cheerful and optimistic. Grapefruit and bergamot uplift the soul and bring confidence. Together with frankincense and juniper berry they celebrate a unique place; one that safeguards gladness and joy.

We hope that the members enjoy our bespoke candle, along with knowing that the profit from each hand-made candle goes directly to support the Employment Academy at the House of St Barnabas, which supports people affected by homelessness into lasting and paid work.

John Smallshaw, poet, HoSB graduate and employee

‘Let’s go down to Soho Square and when we’re there let’s take a peek at the corner house, Number one, Greek Street.

A quaint old looking place with a forward thinking modern face, outpacing homelessness I see by being an employment academy.’