Why we are so in love with myrtle

Myrtle, or Myrtus Communis, is an evergreen tree that bursts into life with white flowers all across the Mediterranean. Its roots stem back to Ancient Greek mythology where Hippocrates regularly wrote about it. It was considered to be sacred to the Greek gods and especially to Aphrodite, the goddess of love, beauty and pleasure.

In the secret language of flowers, myrtle represents happy love, passion and says ‘be my love’. Imagine receiving myrtle, nestled in a tussie mussie from your loved one back in Victorian days, it must surely have sent many hearts a flutter. Gifting myrtle was virtually laying your heart at your loved one’s feet and hoping she smelled the fragrant bouquet. Indeed brides regularly either wore myrtle in their hair or in their tussie mussie on their wedding day in celebration of their love.

Myrtle is richly aromatic in both the leaf and the flower. When you breathe in it’s fragrance as an essential oil you are instantly transported to woody, magical places where there is the whiff of the ocean in the air through the tress. Its freshness and of course its meaning is why we absolutely had to include it in our signature home fragrance Love Story.

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